Graduate school of demography

HED (École des Hautes Études en Démographie) is a graduate school providing research training from master’s to PhD. We are a network run by the University of Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and INED (French Institute for Demographic Studies) in partnership with the universities of Paris Nanterre, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Paris Cité, Versailles Saint-Quentin - Paris Saclay and Picardie Jules Verne.

We were one of 29 establishments selected in 2018 by the national graduate school (EUR) creation programme under the title EUR REDPOP. Our aim is to strengthen the research approach in master’s courses and above, and clarify the availability of international careers, by providing a continuum from master’s and PhD to first position.

High-quality research courses

Top-quality students

International mobility

High-quality research courses

Using HED’s France-wide connections with courses at our partner universities, we propose an innovative curriculum of research in demography and population sciences from master’s Year 1 to PhD:

  • Master’s Year 1, run by Paris Nanterre, involves students’ fully completing a collective research project via collaborative tutorships and several weeks’ collective work and in-person classes.
  • Master’s Year 2, run by Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, is based on intensive methodology teaching modules comprising preparing a PhD project, research initiation workshops, and a 2-5 month internship in a research unit.
  • During Years 1 and 2, Bordeaux offers students online courses in demographic analysis (production, management and analysis of population data, theory, etc.).
  • The PhD course, coordinated by INED, offers three PhD grants a year. The theses are prepared in one of our partner university research units or at INED with joint supervision by a thesis supervisor affiliated with one of our partners.
  • The “Public policy and population” in-service master’s course, set up by  Strasbourg, complements the postgraduate demography research training and is aimed at currently employed decision-makers who wish to acquire specific knowledge of demography in order to follow an academic or management career in statistical institutions, or agencies concerned with  development, regional  planning or public health.

Top-quality students

HED welcomes both students selected for academic excellence by our partner universities and also experienced professionals seeking in-service training in demography and population sciences.

International mobility

HED students have opportunities for internships outside France.

During their courses they also have access to English-language demography teaching from non-French academics.

How to apply for HED

Master’s Years 1 and 2 are open to students already enrolled in a master’s Year 1 or 2 in demography or population sciences, or a master’s Year 1 speciality or module involving demography courses.

Direct application to master’s Year 2 is possible. PhD places are only open to those who  have completed the HED master’s Year 2.

Applications are open in September at the start of the preceding academic year

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